Virtual Big Screen Studio

Virtual Big Screen Studio

Virtual "Big Screen" Studio Sets - ideal for video marketing & corporate videos

Our Virtual "Big Screen" Studio is is the most popular choice for Video Marketing Messages, Product Launches, Training and Educational Videos.

The studio has in-floor reflections, camera zooms and a clean, elegant feel that gives a highly professional sheen.

A big screen is perfect for powerful images and pre-recorded video clips. It’s also a great way to emphasise detailed graphics, tutorials and demonstrations.

You can choose from a variety of colour options or re-brand the virtual studio completely with your logo, images and company colours.

Each version of the studio comes with a colour-matched PowerPoint template that you can adapt and use, free of charge. These can be used to create effective, engaging graphics that complement the "big screen" virtual studio.

Our studios are only available to our clients – you can’t buy or download them. So if you do make a video or virtual event with us, you can use our virtual studios for free!

Our bespoke studio design service lets you create a unique virtual environment, built to your specific requirements and designed to work with the NewTek TriCaster platform. 

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