VirtualStudio.TV's Secure Corporate Video Hosting Service in Cambridgeshire UK

VirtualStudio.TV Dedicated Video Hosting Servers

We provide video hosting services for corporate companies and individuals. Our video hosting solutions have been created to store and play videos and Virtual Events either live, or on demand securely on branded sites that can be easily amended to reflect company guidelines. 

Our Video Hosting service is secure and sits on our in-house Video Hosting platform. These sites can be customised to match any company's branding and include the following functions;

·Branded secure log in page
·Company specific URL
·Your company Logo and colours throughought the site
·Bespoke Virtual Studios can help to enforce the branding of the site

And at no extra cost, our hosting solutions includes a full set of analytical data including who’s online and how long they remained on the site.

Our Video Hosting sites have a wide range of additional functionality options including:

· Playback across all internet browsers and mobile devides including Android and Apple iPhones and iPads
· Chat rooms for online viewers
· Ability for viewers to privately email other delegates
· ‘Ask a Question’ functionality
· Interactive Online Polls
· Social Media integration

Video Media Sharing Solutions

Our video hosting solutions are a great way of sharing video amongst a distributed work force so people can view content at a time that’s convenient for them. We can brand our media hosting solutions to fit any company’s guidelines and our sites can be embedded into internal intranet sites too.

Many companies have benefited from our video hosting solutions; large corporations with dispersed workforces, small companies with a limited travel budget and individual trainers looking to attract wider audiences all use our video hosting solutions to aid their business needs.

To discuss how you or your company can benefit from our dedicated video hosting service, please contact us today.  

Please click below to see an example of the video hosting platform that we use for our Internet Streaming, Live Video Streaming and Virtual Events services.

Video Hosting Server Solutions & Media Sharing Services Cambridge Uk