We have teamed up with Star Radio in Cambridge to produce free videos for their “Charity of the Month” winners. As I described in my last post, we are really keen to make a positive contribution to the local community and we were delighted to hear that a wide range of local charities wanted to create a video with us.

Last week we were joined by Mark, Amy and Adam from Star Radio as we welcomed the charities to our studio to produce their videos. It was a brilliant day full of chatting, laughing and the odd out take! Hearing about the charitable work going on in Cambridgeshire from the people directly involved was a very humbling experience that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

During the day we took time out of filming to do some quick interviews with those who attended. I am pleased to say that everyone enjoyed their time with us and you can see how the charities are planning on using their finished videos in the clip below:

The finished videos are available to view by clicking on this YouTube playlist link.

Please have a look through them and spread the word to help support charities in the Cambridge area.

Thank you to everyone at Star Radio for their work in helping us plan the day, and for all the people from the different charities who were able to come and see us last week. We had a great time working with you all to produce your videos and we are all looking forward to the next charity video day later in the year!

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Simon Malone