Over the past year we have struck up a really good relationship with Star Radio in Cambridge. Earlier in the year I appeared on the Business Hub show on Star Radio with Sean to have a chat with Mark, Ian and Hannah about VirtualStudio.TV. We instantly got on and have stayed in touch with the team at Star ever since.

Star Radio have a fantastic feature called “The Charity of the Month” in which every month they feature the work of a local charity and publicise their efforts on the radio and via a podcast on the station's website. This feature has helped lots local charities raise awareness of their work and has led to increased sponsorship contributions from the general public and additional media coverage.

At VirtualStudio.TV we are always on the lookout for ways we can help people in the local area. We have conducted free training workshops and have recently begun a work experience programme to help provide young people in the area with work experience in the media industry.

Our studio is literally one minutes walk from Star Radio. A few weeks ago when Mark Peters popped in for a chat we asked him if the Star Radio Charity of the Month winners would be interested in coming to our studio to record a free video highlighting their cause and explaining to people how they can get involved. We are delighted to announce that the reaction to that question has been a resounding “yes” and that next Monday we are going to welcome 8 charities to visit our studio to film their free videos!

Each charity is going to receive help writing their script, creating their graphics, have some free speaker training and an hours’ recording time with the production team here at VirtualStudio.TV. At the end of the day each charity will walk away from our studio with a professionally made HD video for their website, blogs and YouTube pages.

We are all really looking forward to the day and to inviting Amy, Adam and Mark from Star Radio to the studio along with all the people (and in some cases animals!) who are doing so much great charity work in the Cambridge area.  

As well as making a video for each charity, we are also going to document the days filming with a fly on the wall video of all the action as it happens.

I will upload that video next week and keep you posted on our progress!

UPDATE: Please take a look at this blog post to see the completed videos and the charities reactions to our free video day!

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Simon Malone