Keeping it real (I’m so down - or is it up? - with the kids) was the biggest challenge we faced when creating our virtual studios. We ultimately wanted to create the most photo realistic studios possible and after a couple of days searching the web we drew a blank and decided we’d have to make our own.

The virtual sets we found were either sci-fi, sports or filled with plasma screens and none of them looked even vaguely real. Designing our own bespoke virtual studios was in hindsight the best thing we did but at the time a right pain.  Finding the animator with the skills we needed and then constant testing took over six months just to sign off one studio.  In comparison the latest three studios only took a week.

An interesting (heated) conversation that cropped up was shall we have a virtual desk or a real one? The answer, a real one... Why? Because the eye is fixed on the real presenter and the virtual studio is just a background.  If we placed a virtual desk in front of the real presenter the illusion of the two coexisting is lessened.

So we built a real desk with a Perspex front and lit it with some multicoloured LED par cans. The end result of the illusion of the presenter existing within the virtual environment was definitely heightened.

Ultimately we achieved everything we set out to do and the new studios coming online are even better.  The trick seems to be the old adage of ‘keep it simple’ and don’t try to create the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise.

N.B. If you want the Starship Enterprise, we do carry out bespoke virtual studio design and if you want it we’ll make it (but we don’t have any presenters that speak Klingon).

For more information on our virtual studio design services, please do contact us today.

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