Being able to present a video is a skill that takes time to master. The explosion in online video has led to a huge increase in the number of business people producing videos about the products and services that their busiess offers which is great. Being the face of your business on video is a great way of connecting with customers and giving an insight as to the personality and nature of your business. Whenever we film here at VirtualStudio.TV we give tips and guidance on how to improve your presentation skills on camera and I wanted to share some of them in this blog post. Here’s my check list of 10 top tips guaranteed to help you improve your presentation skills:-

Tip 1. Be enthusiastic. Absolutely nothing beats enthusiasm, it’s infectious. Your audience will pick-up on your enthusiasm for your subject and it will fill the finished video with energy and vitality.

Tip 2. Be yourself. Don’t try and become a posher version of the real you – using long convoluted words and sentences. Be you, the real authentic you.  If you have a regional accent, or if you don’t quite ‘talk  properly’, that’s great, because that is the real authentic you - the person who will tell the story and the person the audience will connect with.

Tip 3. Research your subject. Know what you’re talking about and research your subject. Get a grip on the essential facts. If you want to be taken seriously as a presenter, then get serious about preparation.

Tip 4. Use short sentences and simple words. Short sentences work. Simple words that everyone can understand work best. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean dumbing it down. Keeping it simple requires thought and preparation time.

Tip 5. Talk in a conversational tone. Imagine that you’re talking to a friend over a pint in the local pub. Think of yourself, not as a presenter (a presenter of facts, information and data) but as a story teller.

Tip 6. Know when to speak and when not to. If you are standing next to the action and additional video is playing next to you that explains things, then and let the camera (and the microphone) tell the story.

Tip 7. Look at the camera. This is the most difficult skill to master, but once you’ve got it right, you’re flying. Hold your eye line on the camera lens and don’t look away from it. Think of the lens as a warm, inviting friend who loves looking at you.

Tip 8. Keep still. Learn to lock out your hips and keep still – everything below the waist must remain still. Moving your hands and arms above the waist is fine because it adds emphases to what you are saying. If you do move, then rehearse the move in advance with the cameraman.

Tip 9. Wear appropriate clothing. You are not the star, the story, or the message is the star. You should aim to be ‘neutral’, which means that your hair, grooming and clothing should be appropriate to the subject of the video and the audience. Don’t wear, or do anything which distracts.

Tip 10. Smile. Last, but by no means least, don’t forget to smile. When you smile the whole world lights up; smiling (like enthusiasm) is infectious!

I hope you have found these tips useful. We run Presenter Coaching sessions here at VirtualStudio.TV to train people how to present on camera before they film their Internet Videos or Virtual Events with us.

If you would like to hear more, or have any questions for me, please do contact me today or post me a message below, it would be great to hear form you.

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