Here at VirtualStudio.TV we produce a wide range of videos for clients all over the world. So far all of the videos we have produced have been recorded in our studio before being added to websites, streamed around the world, or used in virtual events.

Pre-recording our videos gives us and our clients the opportunity to do as many “re-takes” as needed to generate a completed video, make small changes as we go and add additional content to produce the finished product. This helps to make our studio environment a relaxed and fun place to work in as the pressure to produce flawless performances every time people step in front of the cameras has been removed. Obviously, while recording we have our fair share of mistakes, mispronunciations and blue language, but because we are not live, none of this is ever seen!

Since starting VirtualStudio.TV I have a much greater respect for people working in live TV. They have nowhere to hide, everything that is said or done goes out to a huge audience and when the inevitable mistakes do happen, they can sleep easy knowing that it will be uploaded on YouTube in seconds for the world to see!

I have been through a few videos on YouTube and have shared a few below which show that when things go wrong on live TV, they often go very, very wrong!

We have a production gallery here at VirtualStudio.TV so we can plan camera angles, graphic changes and cuts when we are making our videos. When we are not talking “shop” we can sometimes be heard chatting about what was on the TV last night, weekend plans and other more random chit chat. If our clients overheard that we wouldn’t mind at all and normally get them involved too! It’s a shame the producer on this American TV Channel was not engaging in harmless chit chat when he left his audio link live on the evening news. In hindsight he should have got his own house in order and turned his mic off before tearing into the presenters and everyone else around him! There is some “coarse” language in this so turn the volume down or get some headphones if you are reading this blog in a conservative office environment!

Proposing live on TV is an amazing opportunity to show your partner how much you love them and make it known to the world. I am sure the presenters in the studio were as excited as Jo back home in front of the TV when her partner asked if he could “put a message out to her”. 30 Seconds later and the mood had changed significantly. There is some blue language in this one too and so may not suitable for those who are easily offended!

Live TV finals and awards shows are full of potential risks and dangers. Will the team get the right shots? Will the sound be ok? Will all the links to adverts go well? Once the production team have a few of these under their belts, confidence begins to rise and all that is left to do is announce the winner and finish the show off with a bang! That is great, unless of course,  the person you announce as the winner, isn’t! It is hard to know exactly how the Australia’s Top Model show got this so wrong in 2010, but the next clip shows that it went very wrong indeed!

The mix of animals and live television is a little bit like combining electricity and water, far from ideal. There are hundreds of examples of this, yet TV presenters are still put in the line of fire with animals all around the world. In this clip Kathleen starts her report for Fox News in the USA holding a large moggie in a cat shelter. It is clear from the start it is not happy with the situation and the inevitable happens seconds later!

These clips show just how risky live TV can be. At times of high stress and tension here at VirtualStudio.TV I am always thankful that our cock ups, outburst and injuries are kept out of public view!

 Thank you to LiveTVBloopers.Com (@LiveTVBloopers) for most of these great clips!

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