Last time I wrote a thread to this blog I was stressing about a looming video shoot with a BIG client. Well, I’m glad to say that it was a success and the client was happy, but my state of mind and ‘work life balance’ (and my whole weekend) suffered for it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that while fishing for the big name brands gives you a massive high when you actually land one,  sometimes the reality of working for them is like being slapped in the face with a wet fish!

So, my week’s holiday is now a distant memory and I’m already planning the next break from work. I’m still trying to maintain a better ‘work life balance’ but old habits die hard!

(Working with huge lever arch files doesn't help!)

The thing I’m struggling most with is going home and NOT looking at emails or a computer screen. (It’s just wrong the amount of hours I spend looking at a screen, be it my laptop, iPhone or iPad!) So I’ve been making a real effort to occupy my mind with other things and two things have really worked for me. One is Pilates and the other is gardening.

Pilates totally de-stresses me and completely distracts me from work. Plus the benefits are amazing! Spending so much time glued to my screens means that I suffer from bad neck pains and the Pilates is really helping with this. In fact, I’ve had no neck pain or headaches all week!

Now that the weather is improving, gardening has also come to the rescue. I find it a brilliant way to wind down and totally switch off. Plus it’s massively satisfying to see it growing and taking shape and it can be very cost effective too. A few hours spent weeding and tidying in the garden costs nothing and aesthetically can make a huge difference.

I think the key to this ‘balancing act’ is to continuously remind myself that above all else, my sanity and wellbeing is paramount. (Plus family and friends of course!) Work is work, and life is life and to make the most of it, you’ve got to live it!

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Rachel Willis