I’m gagging to boast about something: we are two months away from being linked to the fastest broadband internet connection in Cambridge – probably. I’ve added the “probably” bit because as soon as you proclaim a superlative there’s bound to be someone out there with an even bigger claim.

Before I get too technical, do you know the difference between a Megabit and a Megabyte? And does it matter? And do you care? For the geeks amongst you, here’s the official explanation is: Eight megabits equal one Megabyte. These abbreviations are commonly used to specify how much data can be transferred per second between two points. To put megabits and Megabytes in perspective, lets back up for just a moment. One bit of data is a single “on” or “off” digit, a one or zero. It takes eight bits to represent a single character, or one byte of data.

Any clearer?...

[Editor’s note: Hurry up Sean, get to the point]

I’m banging on about all this technical stuff because the average broadband upload speed in the UK is about 0.5Mbps (half a Megabit per second). The new fat pipe that we’re going to be connecting to will be 20,000 times faster; 10 Gigabits per second.


We’re very excited about this, because we've just released a new set of products and services which will allow a customer to walk in to our Cambridge studio, position themselves inside one of our digital virtual studios, and start streaming videos live to a world-wide internet audience, at upload speeds which are simply electric!

You might be wondering how we’re planning to achieve a speed twenty thousand times faster than most businesses in Cambridge. The answer is, we’re the next door neighbours to Cambridge’s leading Internet Service Provider, Netservers (and they’re really, really nice people).

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Sean Malone