It is almost two weeks since I arrived home from my holiday and as I said in my previous post, that break prompted me to try out a new philosophy to work – I’m trying to get a better work life balance. (I’ll rephrase that, I’m trying to get a better life!)

Until today I was doing very well. I’ve been asleep before 11:00pm every night which is amazing for me, and I’ve been waking up feeling a lot brighter as a result. I’ve also cut out all the major caffeine rush I was hooked on and have been drinking Bush tea and de-caf coffee instead. (The tea is lovely but the coffee is an absolute con!)

I’ve also seen friends, managed to ignore my emails in the evenings and taken time away from my laptop during the day. But, all good things seem to come to an end and tomorrow I have a big shoot scheduled with a big shiny new client and I can feel the stress levels rising!!!

I feel that I have planned for every eventuality that might occur at tomorrow’s shoot. I’m organised, everyone on the team knows what they have to do and I’m confident we’re going to do a great job, but I just can’t seem to shake the general feeling of stress that is starting to wash over me! So, what I’m trying to do is focus on what I felt when I found out we’d got this exciting new client, the elation of pitching an idea to a group of people and receiving great feedback; of walking out of their offices knowing I’d done a good job at pitching VirtualStudio.TV.

(Interestingly, that amazing feeling of knowing you’ve won a job is all too soon shattered by panic as you begin to question, ‘How exactly are we going to do this’?!)

I do feel that this positive way of thinking is working for me, but really what I’m telling myself is this; ‘Rachel will get you through it, she’d done a pretty good job at getting you through all sorts of things and I’m sure she’ll guide you through tomorrow too.’

I hope this is right!

I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes – wish me luck!

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Rachel Willis