Everyone’s being affected by budget cuts and the emphasis on saving money isn’t going to go away any time soon.

In the communications industry events are continuously being cancelled and subsequently fewer employees are now getting the chance to meet each other, share ideas, gain understanding and network face to face.

For most companies on an economy drive the communication budget is the first to go, and let’s face it when you think about the cost of events, video production and internal campaigns you can see why. This is the dilemma that many companies now face and the subsequent challenge is how can they still communicate important messages to their workforce on a regular basis.

Well, VirtualStudio.TV believes there is a budget that can be utilised to enhance a company’s communications strategy and make it better than it’s ever been before – the training budget!

It’s always going to be important to invest in employee training to advance skill levels and further their knowledge. This is why we’ve created a series of training programmes that will not only revolutionise your company's skill sets but also enable you to communicate key messages on a regular basis.

We have created three Video Training programmes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. These programmes are specifically designed for companies who want to utilise their training budget to increase their ability to communicate and save money by creating their own high quality videos. We can train company employees how to produce and shoot their own videos, all they then do is send their footage to VirtualStudio.TV, we place it into a virtual studio and you get a broadcast quality video at a very low cost!

We take away the hard bit of editing the footage......

We offer Beginners, Intermediate and and Advanced courses, each lasting two days. We are happy to cater for large or small groups and our promise is that when the training is over your employees will be able to produce their own videos. Just think how valuable this could be to your company. How many people get to see the Chief Executive or hear what he or she has to say about the business? Not many I bet! Through our training programme employees could shoot the Chief Executive’s message to camera, send it to VirtualStudio.TV and we can edit it into a format that can be sent to your entire workforce.

Video is the future and whether you like it or not all companies are going to have to get to grips with producing their own videos to deliver their messages to employees, partners and even customers. But anyone who’s shot a holiday video or dabbled with video production will know that what takes time and experience is the editing process which is why we’ve created this great product offering. You send us the material you shoot, and we’ll turn it into a broadcast quality video that can be distributed around your entire workforce.

By using VirtualStudio.TV you can increase your employees skills and save money on video production. Because all we charge you for is ‘editing time’ and subsequently you can afford to use more video as your communication tool of the future.

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Rachel Willis