There’s nothing quite as irritating as the convert; who having discovered something which everybody else has known for ages, sets about boring the pants off everyone with their new found wisdom.

Well, here's my new found wisdom combined with a big business message: I bought a push bike to cycle to work and back every day and I think doing this could improve people's performance at work.

Really? How's that? And what exactly has riding a bike got to do with business success?

OK (stay with me on this) here’s how pedalling your bike to work every day is guaranteed to make you more successful:-

You are more energised: Your heart and lungs improve their efficiency almost immediately and you arrive at work super energised and ready to rock.

You are more refreshed: The daily physical exercise of riding your bike means that you go to sleep much more soundly, which means that you are much more refreshed and fully ready to meet the challenges of the busy day ahead.

You are more inspired: Human beings thrive on change, meeting new people and experiencing new things - cycling to work gives you all of that and more. You will see the world differently and be inspired by new vistas and thought waves.

So, if you want to stay wide awake, full of energy and super effective in your business: get out of the car and get on your bike!

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Sean Malone