I have just come back from a week’s break where I managed to totally switch off from work and relax for the first time in a long while! On the back of this I am finding myself wondering how to maintain my newly relaxed approach to life beyond just 7 days.

Like many people I tend to take work too seriously and all too often allow it to take over every element of my life. The fact that I run my own business also means that I struggle with ‘letting go’ and therefore find myself taking work home or in the very least, thinking about work, cash flow, clients and ‘to do’ lists well into the night!

I am determined to make an effort to separate work from and from now on I’m going to try and follow these simple rules:

      • Work is work, it is NOT my life.
      • Turn off the emails at the weekend.
      • Have at least an hour during the day when I don’t look at my emails.
      • Take a lunch break, even if it’s only a short one.

This list might seem simple but it’ll be very hard for me to stick to. However, I’m determined to have a better ‘work life balance'. If anyone has any tips and tricks that can help me achieve this I would love to hear them!

I’ll be writing a blog in the next couple of weeks with an update on how I’m getting on.

Wish me luck!

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Rachel Willis