Following on from my post about the first 3D mobile phone I have found myself this week looking more into mobile phone market and its future potential. At all the trade shows I have been to recently I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of organisations offering innovative solutions for mobile phones and devices than ever before. At the Broadcast Video Expo at Earls Court last week I noticed a lot of companies offering streaming solutions for smartphones.

The demos were really impressive so I decided to have a look into the market to see if a dedicated phone streaming offering would be worthwhile to our customers. We all know that most people have a mobile phone these days but it is less clear as to how they will use these devices in the future. Will people use them as a replacement for their computers in terms of work and play? Will applications put an end to some high street outlets as people choose to do their shopping and banking via their phones? And from our company’s perspective, will organisations and individuals choose to send and receive video content via mobile phones instead of conventional outlets?

The first mobile phones were launched in the early 1980’s and were the size of a microwave, heavier than a bag of cement and could only be afforded by yuppies driving Electric Blue Lamborghinis. Fast forward 30 years the technological development has been staggering. Mobile phones have fundamentally changed the way an entire generation of people across the world communicate and share and consume information. I have had a look at a few articles and blog posts and it appears that our mobiles are going to be more important to us than ever in the coming years and companies like ours need to recognise this.

Stockdown Productions from the USA have produced the great video below that is full of mobile usage statistics and some of the stand out ones for me are:

·        In 2013 more people will surf the internet via their phones than computers

·        In 2 years there has been a 2000% increase in “mobile ready” websites being produced

·        Over 100 million YouTube videos are played on mobile devices everyday

It will be very interesting to see if these projections become reality and the importance mobile phones and other devices have on consumers and organisations in the coming years.

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Simon Malone