British Airways have been in the media spotlight a lot over the last couple of years. I have heard a lot about lost baggage, cancelled flights and possible strike action from staff members. Last week I flew with British Airways for the first time in almost 20 years and I have to say, I’ve just fallen hopelessly in love with them! The love affair started last Saturday when I arrived at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 intending to travel on a flight to Seattle to film a Corporate Video for one of our clients who are based out there. I checked in my bags and was issued with my boarding pass for a World Traveller Plus seat (which is basically a variant of cattle class, but with a bit more leg room).

Having shopped and eaten my fill at the various emporiums, I trudged my way to the boarding gate and handed my boarding pass to one of the uniformed BA staff. A nice lady scanned it into the machine, and the machine went ‘bleep’. The nice lady frowned, flashed me a look and then re-scanned the boarding pass. It bleeped again. I think a bleep in Terminal 5 is some kind of special code, because in an instant all three uniforms had stopped what they were doing and were looking at me. The top uniform stepped forward examined the boarding pass, took another good look at me and then picked-up a clipboard with a hand written list of names.

“We’ve over-sold your seat and you’re being upgraded to Club Class” said the Top Uniform. Now, I don’t know if this has happened to you, but believe me when it does, it totally transforms your day. Suddenly I noticed the sun shining through the giant glass windows, my hand luggage became lighter and all the uniforms were smiling too. I wafted into the aircraft, claimed a seat the size of a boat and spent nine pampered hours cruising across the Atlantic Ocean.

Does my story end there? No it doesn’t.

Because (you’ve guessed it) when I travelled back from Seattle, the same thing happened. An over-selling of World Traveller Plus meant that yours truly was once again elevated out of his lowly class into the cabin where all the posh people sit – and it didn’t cost me a penny extra

I conclude that there are three possible reasons why this has happened to me:-

1.     My name has been incorrectly flagged on the BA database as a VIP.

2.     The BA Board are grooming me as a possible replacement for their MD.

3.     Someone at British Airways has fallen in love with me.

My first experience with BA in a long time was a great one and if all my flights with them go this well, I can’t wait for the next one!

I am sure my experience is not the same for everyone, but it was really nice to have such a positive interaction with a British brand that has received so much negative press lately.

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Sean Malone