Taking a conventional green screen video solution on the road to a client has always been a bit of a nightmare in the past. It involved a van load of lights, a large amount of green screen material and a good 3 hours of time to setup.Thankfully that is all in the past now due to the Reflecmedia Chromatte green screen.

We upgraded our conventional green screen studio to a Reflecmedia set up a few years ago now. Reflecmedia are a UK based company that created a revolutionary new green screen offering in 2002. Their solution involves placing a ring of green LED lights (LiteRing) around the lens of a camera that faces towards a grey cloth. The grey cloth is called Chromatte and is made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny beads of glass that reflect the green LED light from the camera straight back into the lens. So although the cloth remains green to the human eye, the camera receives a vivid and very clear green colour which makes the process of chroma keying very easy and requires very little in the way of additional lighting. If you are not sure what chroma keying is my colleague Simon has written a blog post called "What Is Chroma Keying and How Do Green Screens Work?"

Reflecmedia make blue as well as green LED rings for you to place on your camera. This is because sometimes during filming you need to switch the keying colour due to a change in what people are wearing or the environment you are shooting in. For example if you used a green ring on a shoot where the person you were filming was wearing a green shirt their torso would become transparent when you keyed them out– not ideal! In a conventional green screen set up the background colour can only be changed by physicially taking down and hanging a whole new 20ft roll of coloured cloth or by getting a very large tin of paint and some paintbrushes! Reflecmedia offer blue and green LiteRing models in three sizes (72mm, 112mm, 147mm) to fit virtually any camera and lens configuration.


We like Reflecmedia’s solution as it requires very little additional lighting and we have achieved some great results when we have combined it with other technologies to create our Internet Videos and Virtual Events.  When you visit our studio you will see our huge 20ft Reflecmedia screen and floor tiles that we use every day.  

We are very happy with our permanent green screen set up in our studio. However, more and more clients were asking for a mobile studio hire solution that we could take to their offices. We recently invested in a smaller 7ft “pop-up” Reflecmedia screen and one 5ft floor tile. This system is extremely portable (carried by one person in a bag) and very easy to set-up and use. We have taken this solution all over the country and it takes minutes to have it up and running.

The flexibility of this system means we can now offer our ground breaking virtual studios to anyone - anywhere.

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