They last for up to 100,000 hours and generate 75% less electricity and 80% less heat compared to conventional lighting methods– I can’t see how LED green screen studio lighting will ever catch on!!!

LED lights only became commercially available in the late 1990’s but have seen a huge increase in usage in the corporate video production industry over the last few years. We recently moved to a new purpose built studio and it seemed like a perfect moment to redesign and replace our existing lighting set up.

We were initially pretty sceptical about using LED’s as our old Dedolights had always produced great results in terms of colour and spread. However, we wanted our nerw studio to be at the forefront of new technology and the reviews and product information all indicated a new LED solution would be a more cost effective and eco-friendly one in the long run. After much research and dredging of forums we opted for the Datavision LED-600. The LED 600 uses 600 ultra bright 5400k LEDs and produces the equivalent output of an 860 watt tungsten light, but draws just 36 watts of electrical power.

In the studio the lights were very easy to set up and once switched on they produced a very white clean light. This actually created our first obstacle as the light was ultimately too white! The Datavision LED-600’s do come with several different coloured gels to subtly alter the colour of the light output. Once we added one of these and did a little tweaking on the cameras white balance, all was good in the world.

The only other problem we have had with them is the barn doors (Barn doors are metal flaps attached to the front of a light that allow you to block out the light from a certain area and can be seen on the picture above) do nothing but look shiny really! As a result the LED’s are still really omni-directional and in our opinion the light doesn’t really spread in anyway.

On the plus side they’re dimmable which makes them very versatile to use and they are also so bright that we only use them at approximately 40% of their full power. Although we have had to change some of our processes to accommodate them in our new studio we have found them to be a good purchase and ultimately we would buy them again. 

The lights have worked perfectly with the rest of our equipment and have enabled us to create world class Internet Videos and Virtual Events using our virtual studio technology.

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Jamie Huckle