Founded in 2002 LinkedIn is now the world’s largest professional network with over 70 million members. I see it as the professional side of social media as it allows users to display their business expertise and career information for new and existing contacts to view. LinkedIn profiles rank highly on Google which means people are more likely to find your well-presented professional LinkedIn profile rather than your (potentially all together less professional) Facebook or MySpace profile when they search for you – especially useful if potential recruiters might be looking in your direction!  

In my experience I have found the site really useful for connecting with new and existing business contacts and for networking in my local area. However, in the past I have found the site restrictive in terms of the level of content you can include on your profile and the level of individuality that can be achieved.

The great news is that you can now add video to your LinkedIn profile. This is a fantastic addition to the site as I am a firm believer that video is going to become the norm for both social and corporate communications in the coming years. Putting your own video on LinkedIn will enable you to create a much more impactful and current profile that will give viewers a far better indication of your personality and character than could ever be achieved by text alone.

In today’s ever competitive job market, it is becoming more important for candidates to “stand out from the crowd” and show something different to potential employers. Producing your own video on your profile will achieve this and bring a more personal touch to your application that is more likely to stick in the recruiters mind than a paper CV or cover letter alone.

For people working in organisations it will provide them with a platform to explain their roles, the company’s plans and why you should get in touch with them on the site.

The potential uses for video on the site are limitless and we are very keen here at VirtualStudio.TV to make the most of this. We are in the process of producing a video CV for one of our customers that will be uploaded to YouTube and LinkedIn. As soon as it is finished we will upload it and let you see what you think!

A great video site called ReelSeo have provided a fantastic step by step guide for adding video to your LinkedIn profile and you can view it below:

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Simon Malone