Recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for the same position, so it’s hard to make your CV stand out from the crowd. It’s also almost impossible to accurately portray your personality.

Boost your chance of being noticed and bring your CV to life by creating a video CV with VirtualStudio.TV!

Our Internet Videos look extremely professionaland gives potential employers or decision makers an insight into your personality, interests, goals, and characteristics which are all important in choosing the right candidate.

Come to our studio with your paper CV and in less than an hour we’ll create your Video CV. You’ll leave with a video of yourself that can be emailed directly to any future employers. Not only will your Video CV stand out from the crowd, it’ll definitely showcase you and your personality!

All you need is a script, which we’ll take directly from your current CV. Bring any certificates, images or video material you have that supports your CV and we’ll add that to your video too.

A video CV says so much more about your personality, skills, experience and enthusiasm than a written CV ever could.

For more information and costs, please contact us here at VirtualStudio.TV.

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