Over the last few weeks the huge £113m Euro Millions jackpot has been all over the news in the UK. This led to a question in the office that has no doubt been repeated around the country: “What would you do if you won the Lottery?” Having covered the usual suspects of new houses, outrageous sports cars and money burning business ventures, my mind switched more practical purchases and to televisions.

The one at the top of my list is made by Panasonic and should have been called “The Gargantuan” or “Monolithic Thunder”, but is actually called the TH-152UX1. Although an uninspiring name, the clue to its appeal is found within it. This TV is a massive 152 inches in diameter, and has dimensions of 3.6m x 1.9m. To put it in perspective that’s the equivalent of nine 50inch screens stacked together in three banks of three.

In the pictures it looks big, but in the flesh it’s just ridiculous. A few weeks ago I saw this TV at a trade show in Amsterdam. It was showing a game from the recent FIFA World Cup and the players were bigger than life size and coming out towards you in 3D. Once a full scale cinema surround sound system was thrown into the mix it was literally like being on the pitch with the players. This set is not all size without substance though. The screen resolution is a huge 4,096 x 2,160 pixels which is more than twice the resolution found on regular HD televisions.

This set went on sale in January 2011 and costs around $500,000. Before you rush out to Currys and get one it might be worth getting some friends, including a structural engineer, to give you a hand to wall mount it as it weighs a whopping 590kg (around 95 stone).

You will be delighted to hear that you get a free “3D eyewear case” when you buy it, but no 3D eyewear to put in it, or to actually watch the TV with. Mind you, let’s face it, if you can afford the best part £320,000 on a TV a three quid pair of glasses shouldn’t be an issue!

(In case you were wondering The EuroMillions draw is made every Friday with tickets costing £2 each!)

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Simon Malone