A couple of years ago we created a short YouTube video, detailing our top 10 tips for great presenting and public speaking. We’ve had such an amazing response to this video that we have decided to produce a whole new series of ‘Top Tips’ videos!

If you haven’t already seen the original video, here it is:

We have a few topics which we are already planning to cover in the new video series, such as how to calm nerves before speaking in public and how to use different types of microphones. But what we really want is for you to tell us what topics you would like advice on! 

Please take a look at the video below, where Rachel will tell you more about this new series:

As Rachel mentioned in the video, this series is all about giving advice on the areas of presenting and being in front of a camera, which you find most challenging. So please contact us with your requests, via YouTube or the comments box below, and we will incorporate the most popular ones into our brand new ‘Top Tips’ video series.

We look forward to hearing your requests soon!

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