Today’s job market is cut-throat to say the least. As a recruiter, you need to ensure that you attract the very best candidates to your organisation and, as a job seeker, you need to be able to showcase your skills and ability in a market where the number of qualified candidates usually outweighs the number of available jobs!

So the question is: how can video solve problems on both sides of the recruitment fence?

Let’s look at it from an employer perspective first.  A video can really make you stand out from ordinary job descriptions! Often, applicants can feel like they are applying for the same job over and over again, due to mundane job descriptions that are full of the same old clichés. A video can cut straight through all of that clutter and be a really welcome change of pace for the audience. They’ll be more engaged with your job description and, just as you put the effort into making the description stand out from the crowd, they are likely to reciprocate that effort in making sure their application is top notch!

Videos also allow you to give candidates a real insight into your company and its culture, way before interview stages. Seeing and hearing from real people who they will be working with can help to give job hunters a better idea of the job they’re applying for and the type of environment they would be working in. It can help to avoid wasting time for both you as the recruiter and the candidates, as it offers a clearer idea of the job than a paragraph of text! 

Finally, video can also help to overcome the problem of long distance recruiting. With more and more companies operating on a global level, it’s common to have applications from overseas. You can overcome the pain of having to fly people in for preliminary interviews by conducting them via video link. Or you can utilise Virtual Events to create a global recruitment fair, which candidates can attend without ever leaving their desk!

For example, it’s possible to host a variety of pre-recorded or live videos on a dedicated website, where pre-registered attendees can sign in and view them. This gives you all the interaction of a real job fair. Virtual Events can also incorporate polls and Q&A sessions, and you can also distribute additional information by uploading documents to your site for candidates to download. Video enables you to engage with candidates all over the world, with the advantage of side stepping time and money spent on travelling to different countries.


Video can also be a great tool for job seekers. It’s tough out in the job market today and competition is fiercer than ever.  So a video CV could be the perfect way of getting yourself noticed amongst a bunch of other candidates. Using a video also gives prospective employers the chance to meet you way before interview stages and you can really convey your enthusiasm to them in a way that can be rather difficult within the limitations of a standard CV and cover letter.

For years it’s been common practice in the video production industry to have a show reel of your best work, as employers want to know the kind of work you can deliver – so why not utilise this when working in other industries too? When you create a video in one of our virtual studio environments, you can bring supporting images, videos and PowerPoint slides into the virtual screen which allows you to create an interactive CV. You can run through all the key points of your skills and experience and also bring up relevant examples of work you have completed in the past, in a way that just isn’t possible on a paper CV!

Video also gives you the advantage of being seen by your potential employer long before any of your rival candidates. It is a lot easier for people to get a good understanding of the type of person you are from seeing you talk through your skills in a video, rather than reading them on a piece of paper. Plus, you will stand out from the crowd straight away, simply because you are using a different medium to present your application.

Of course, video is an extremely versatile medium, with so many possible uses, that these examples barely scratch the surface! The best thing about video is that you can be creative with it, and make it work for you. There’s so much flexibility compared to traditional written communication methods - you can completely break the mould and make something truly exciting and original.

Whether you are looking to breathe new life into your recruitment process, or if you’d like to finally bag that dream job and think that video could be just the way do it, please contact us to find out how we can help.

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