VirtualStudio.TV is based in Cambridge simply because that's where all the Directors live. 

Originally it was our goal to set-up another small studio in London, but we quickly realised what our clients really wanted was the ability to create high quality, low cost videos in the comfort of their own offices in London and across the UK and Europe.

So, last year we developed our Mobile Studio. A pop-up green screen studio solution that encompasses all of our great technology, but scaled down so we can take it anywhere! From our live editing desk, to our virtual studios and the ability to edit and record 'real-time', our mobile video production studio means that we can create professional videos from a venue of your choice. (We even bought the flight-cases in case we got a job abroad!)

Clients including Microsoft, Easyjet, Accor, MSN, Toshiba, M&S and Siemens have used our Mobile Studio. Here are three ways our clients have used this unique offering:

Making the most out of VIP's and Managers being in the same place at the same time

We've taken the studio to client’s offices to capture videos of VIP's and Managers whose time is very limited. We've also bought the Mobile Studio to client conferences to make the most of entire Business Teams being in the same place at the same time. The studio has also been used by Conference Presenters to create videos of their presentations that can be later sent to the entire workforce or uploaded to their intranet for all employees to view. 

When we've been asked to bring the studio to client’s offices, typically it's because groups of Mangers or VIP's are in the building, so they can pop into our studio to create videos that can be edited live, signed off and even sent out to employees that same day. Business and Comms managers usually send us scripts and PowerPoint slides prior to the shoot and virtual studios are chosen and edited, so as soon as the presenter walks into the Mobile Studio we're ready to film. 

(It's worth saying that at this point in time, our record stands at 48 high quality videos created in one day - and we think we can smash that record too!)

Saving money by creating Virtual Events

A 'Virtual Event' is quite a scary concept for many companies, mainly because most peoples experience of them is crap (Bad quality sound and audio, mixed with dull graphics is enough to turn anyone off). In our Mobile Studio a presenter can step into a stunning Virtual Studio, read their script from the autocue and use a virtual screen to display high quality graphics and pre-recorded video material. 

Clients creating virtual events either create bespoke virtual studios to match their events creative theme, or subtly amend one of our existing virtual studios to reflect their company's brand. 

Although some of our clients have dared to create and stream  virtual events live (scary stuff!), most pre-record their material which allows them to keep the quality of the presentations high. On projects like this we usually get involved in the scripting and PowerPoint generation. On the shoot day the Mobile Studio team can include Scriptwriters and Presenter Coaches to ensure that everything runs smoothly and presenters feel comfortable. We believe creating virtual events should be an enjoyable experience and our Mobile Studio team can offer support in a variety of ways!

(Creating Virtual Events can also be a great team building activity  - cleaning up the feathers after this pillow fight wasn't so fun!)


As a Presenter Training aid

Video is becoming an increasingly popular form of communications, and because of this many companies are investing in Presenter Training. Our Leadership and Communication course uses the Mobile Studio to record delegates progress throughout the different sessions and is a really useful tool that gives delegates a deep understanding of how to present in front of the camera, as well as how to develop their own unique presenting style.

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