A few months ago, our design team was asked to create a series of bespoke virtual studios for Expressen, a major tabloid newspaper based in Sweden.

Expressen has now begun to use these studios for a range of political broadcasts and commentaries, including Primetime, which runs four evenings a week to discuss the key stories of the day.

We were thrilled to see our virtual studios used for such high profile broadcasts. Expressen is the latest major news provider to launch a video channel using a virtual studio - created by the team at VirtualStudio.TV.


With many news stations seeking to use single studios for multiple programmes, high quality virtual environments are sought after for their flexibility and adaptability. Multiple colour and style variations can often be created from a single template, allowing broadcasters to switch between different studios and programmes at the touch of a button. 

More and more news and TV programmes are choosing to ‘go virtual’, with virtual reality environments becoming commonplace at the BBC, Fox News, ESPN, Al Jazeera, Sky Sports and ITV.

Newspapers and internet-only broadcasters see virtual studios as an attractive means of resolving space and time restrictions, allowing them to produce professional news broadcasts without the big studio budget. This means they can be as ambitious as they like in the style of their studio, without having to commit to something that’s not only permanent but potentially very expensive!

Essentially, news stations want to be able to modify their image as their content and tone evolves - and having a virtual studio is a fantastic way to do that.

If you’re creating a corporate TV or internet news channel, a bespoke virtual studio could be the perfect platform to launch your project. Please contact Lindsey@VirtualStudio.TV to find out how we can help design your perfect virtual set!

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