The cost of making a corporate video has never been lower and there are five good reasons why that cost is likely to continue to drop:-

 1. The incredible shrinking PC

The cost of computer hardware has plummeted. 25 years ago it might have cost you £500,000 pounds to set up an edit studio in Soho. Today, you can set up the same thing on your kitchen table for £5,000.

 2. Easy to use software

Easy to use software like Adobe Premier Elements demystifies the editing process, is cheap to buy and comes packed with gadgets, tips and tricks – and if you can’t afford to buy it right away, you can download a free trial copy.

3. Broadband internet speeds

The explosive growth of video on the internet has been enabled by fast, broadband connectivity which makes it very easy to transfer large digital video files. Suddenly it’s become easy and low cost to produce creative work: video footage can now be shot in London, edited in Manchester, sent to the Account Manager’s house in Dublin and then on to Seattle for the client’s approval – all on the same day.

 4. Minimal barriers to market entry

The cost of setting up in business is so low that almost anybody can become a video film maker. All you need is a decent camera, microphone, tripod, lights and a PC loaded with some decent video editing software. Established video production agencies operating on a high cost base are being undercut on price by new upstarts operating from their bedrooms.

 5. New companies offering innovative formats

New technologies like green screen and virtual environments are being morphed together to create new innovative solutions. New entrants like VirtualStudio.TV are enabling broadcast quality company news and information videos for as little as £650.

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