Client and guests visiting our green screen studio in Cambridge to make their videos often ask me what to wear before they arrive for their video shoot with us. It's a very good question to ask because there are a few clothing items and choices that do not mix very well with virtual studio based videos we produce in our green screen studio.

When someone stands in front of our green screen we magically (it’s not really magic!) take out all of the green from the image, and replace it with one of our virtual studios. The reason the screen is green (or sometimes blue) is simply because it’s not a colour found in the pigment of our skin. As a result when you remove this colour you will always be left with a person in the shot which is a good start to making a video. If you do wear anything green, part of you will become invisible which isn’t such a good look!

In terms of what to wear it’s actually far easier for us to list what you should NOT wear. So, below is a list of things we would advise you NOT to wear when visiting our green screen studio in Cambridge. (Obviously if you’re coming to see us and not appearing in front of the camera you can wear whatever you like!)

(Please note, some of this might sound a bit pedantic, but we’ve known people pay to re-shoot their video because of what they’re wearing. Not all of these points apply to all green screen studios, but they apply to ours.)

Tip 1. Green! I know I’ve already covered this, but you’d be surprised how many people come to our studio wearing it. It’s best to avoid all green, be it bright, olive, moss or kaki – never ever wear green :)

Tip 2. Patterns are a No No. Checked, tartan, fine pinstripes and all other fancy patterns do not work particularly well in a studio like ours as the pattern begins to flicker on camera and becomes very distracting, just like it would on TV.

Tip 3. Glasses. Now, we can work around it, but if you wear glasses and have contact lenses I would advise you wear the latter. We use ‘Reflecmedia’ green screen technology which means we have green LED rings around the lenses of our cameras to turn our grey screen green. If you wear glasses then these LED lights can sometimes reflect on the lenses of your glasses, which can become an issue on the final video. If you wear glasses and don’t have contact lenses, don’t worry, we can work round this.


Tip 4. Dirty shoes. Your feet can be seen, and dirty scruffy shoes draw attention like a car crash! A nice clean polished shoe is perfect. Heels, flats, trainers - anything goes just no tartan Doc Martins or patent leather you can see your reflection in.

Tip 5. Frizzy hair. I have fizzy hair so I’m allowed to say this; if you have wild unruly hair then you can look like you have green highlights when you are being filmed in a green screen studio. The green from the screen struggles to get through the fine gaps between your hair strands. Unfortunately, the magic button simply can’t take away all of this green and we end up losing some your hair when we try to take the green out! If you have unruly hair, tie it up. (Or don’t wash it for a few days and use a can of hairspray.)

Tip 6. Dresses. We use lapel microphones in our studio, so if you wear a dress we’ll have nowhere to secure the microphone pack to. We’d usually use a belt loop / inside pocket for this. If you must wear a dress then we will break out a high tech solution to the problem: we’ll gaffer tape it to your back!

Tip 7. Short trousers. Unlike some green screen studios, the floor of our studio is green screen because we place people in virtual studios that have virtual floors. If you wear trousers that are too short this is magnified and your ankle swingers can be seen by all. When you’re on video full screen the whole of you can be seen, not like when you stand in the office and your feet go unnoticed. Really think about your bottom half and how your trousers hang.

Tip 8. Make up. Please, please, please, if you are a lady do not come to the studio to shoot your video with no make-up on. If you’ve never worn it, now is the time to start! Without it the lights will make you look like a corpse (there’s no polite way of saying this!) and some slap and a little lippy goes a long way! Fellas, feel free to wear make-up, and if you sweat slightly I advise that you bring a towel too. (We often give out toilet roll as it absorbs grease really well. Please don’t be offended if we offer this solution to you, we are only doing it because a shiny face doesn’t look good on anyone.)

Tip 9. Silver and gold Jewellery.  Some jewellery can be worn, but the lighting in our studio tends to reflect off silver and gold jewellery. This can be quite distracting for the viewer.

Tip 10. A frown. Turn that frown upside down! Nothing looks better on camera than a smile :)

As always, if you’re unsure or have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We know it can be daunting when using a studio like ours for the first time and we want to make your visit to us to be a great one!

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