I am pleased to say we had an excellent March 2012 that included a trip to Hong Kong, making some great new videos for our clients and the start of our search for the next permanent member of our team!

We have a whole range of different video products and services on offer here at VirtualStudio.TV and one of our most popular products is the monthly business Video Newsletter. So rather than fill this monthly update with text and images, we have made a video review newsletter update that you can view by clicking on the video below.

Links to the videos mentioned in the update video:

Link to Si’s Bungy Jump Video : http://youtu.be/bKuKFy618Oo

Link to the Linx 25th Anniversary Video: http://youtu.be/bHcmgHGocmc

Link to Bridget’s Thales Requirements Video: http://youtu.be/ilQHIxnggFY

Link for more information about the Trainee Studio Manager position now available here at VirtualStudio.TV : http://www.virtualstudio.tv/blog/post/125-trainee-studio-manager-job-in-cambridge-available-at-virtualstudiotv

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Simon Malone