Trainee Studio Manager job in Cambridge available at VirtualStudio.TV

We’re looking for a sharp and switched on Trainee Studio Manager to join our team and help us produce, shoot and edit videos and virtual events.

About Us

We are an innovative, fast-growing and ambitious company which has developed a new way of producing and streaming videos and virtual events. We want to add a great new member to the team as we look to expand the business further in 2012. If you have a passion for video editing and production and are looking to start a career in the industry, then call off the search, put your feet up and read on!

About your role

This isn’t your typical monotonous office job in which the pinnacle of your day involves polishing the coffee pot. From day one you’ll be throwing your creative ideas into the mix, and you’ll be responsible for key areas of the business. We want you to be in charge of our most valuable asset; the studio. The studio will be your domain and you’ll be in charge of our cameras, lighting and green screen equipment which you’ll treasure like your firstborn. You’ll be working from Virtual HQ; our studio in the centre of Cambridge, with a starting salary between £17,500 and £22,500.

Your responsibilities will include:

- Editing video files using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software.
- Operating a TriCaster XD300 live video editing desk (this isn’t as daunting as it sounds and we’ll give you tons of training and guidance)
- Re-sizing, altering and enhancing photographic images, in preparation for filming and editing, using Adobe Photoshop software.
- Assisting with producing the content needed to create a successful video: preparation of shoot schedules, call sheets and sourcing relevant pictures, sound and video files.
- We want you to bring your own creative ideas and concepts to the table and you‘ll be responsible for planning and producing all of our YouTube content and video blogs.
-You’ll become a recognised face of the business and will get involved in creating content for our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

About You

- You’re a creative and innovative soul, but you complement those talents with diamond sharp organisational skills.
- You’re enthusiastic and resourceful with bags of initiative.
- You’re used to coping with tight deadlines, either in a work or educational environment.
- Your attention to detail is superhuman.
- You have excellent inter-personal skills and thrive in a team environment (though you won’t throw a strop if asked to work on a project alone)
- You’re ambitious and want to join a company with soul, where your talents will be recognised and rewarded.

About your Skills

- You have an excellent working knowledge of Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop and you’re itching to learn how to operate a TriCaster XD300 live video editing desk.
- You have a reasonable grasp of Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.
- You’ve probably worked in an edit studio/green screen studio, or you’ve got some film, or video production experience; please send us a link to your nifty show reel if you have one.
- In an ideal world, you’d have an understanding of video streaming and basic web design and it would really impress us if you knew your way around Adobe CS5 as well!

Your education

- We wouldn’t sniff at industry qualifications / related degrees –they would indeed be ideal for this role. More important to us than this though, is your track record, zest for the industry and keen willingness to learn.

Your next step

If reading this has got you dancing a little jig and you’re certain that this sounds like the role for you, then please let us know. Send your CV and a covering letter to us at the following email address: Sean@VirtualStudio.TV. Alternatively you can pop it in the post and send it to:

Sean Malone
25 Signet Court
Swann Road