As a team we have more than 30 years of combined experience working in the video production and live events industries, but until relatively recently, video hosting and live streaming was a bit of a grey area for us. We produce lots of videos for our customers in our studio in Cambridge but whenever we spoke to companies about streaming videos, many of them seemed determined to confuse us with complex questions and detailed requirements for our videos before producing ballpark costs that looked sufficient to send us all on a two week all-inclusive stay in a five star hotel, on Mars…

As soon as we launched VirtualStudio.TV Jamie began working with our Technical Advisor to try to break down these barriers and create an easy to use and managable video streaming platform. We were fed up of dealing with confusing jargon and crazy prices and set about producing a video hosting platform that companies could use to share their videos with a global audience. YouTube is a brilliant way of sharing videos with people all over the world, but a lot of our customers were looking for ways to showcase their videos on their own branded site in more a secure way.

We have made a lot of developments over the last year and after many late evenings and a few lost weekends, Jamie and John have together completed a video streaming solution that is now up and running. Some of the major benefits of our new system are:

1. Fully customisable site designs that includes your company logo and corporate colours

2. The sites can be attached directly to your website and use your own web address

3. Each site can be password protected with log in details sent directly to your audience via email

4. We can add PayPal integration to the sites should you wish to charge people to view your video content

5. On the site people can download videos, post questions, chat to colleagues and complete polls

6. We can provide you with detailed analytics showing you how many times your videos have been viewed over a certain time

We are pleased to say that we have stripped all the confusion out of video streaming. If you would like to see our new platform in action then please press this link to see the VirtualStudio.TV Streaming Site. To find out more information about our streaming platforms, please visit the Live Streaming page of our website or a look at the video below.

Please do contact us today to see how we can work together to share your videos online.

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Simon Malone