We love producing Website Videosfor our clients to add to their websites and really enjoy working in an industry where there is such a huge range of businesses offering different creative video solutions for people all over the world.

Following the launch of YouTube in 2005 there has been an explosion in the growth of web videos around the world and in the next 24 hours more than 3 billion videos will be watched on that site alone!

There are thousands of different uses for Marketing Videos, but I have listed below my 5 reasons why you should add videos to your business website.

Reason 1. You want to communicate a lot of information in a few seconds; what your products, or services look like and the kind of people you are. All of this can be done in a punchy 60 second video clip, rather than more than 200 words of text. Due to the huge increase in email traffic and squeeze on available time in recent years, people today and in the future are far more likely to take the time to view a video than read a page of text.

Reason 2. Videos are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google loves them! Videos now show up as individual results in Google and are a great way of directing traffic to your website. Also, Google considers a web page’s "stickiness" (how long people spend on sites) when ranking sites. Stickiness monitors how long web users stay on a page after finding the link through its search pages. The more time a person stays on the website, the better the page search engine ranking in future. There are few better ways to keep someone on your site then to let them enjoy a couple of minutes of great video content!


Reason 3. Over the last few years there has been a significant move towards social media and a demand for organisations to connect directly with their customers. Companies all over the world are using videos to communicate with their customers in really imaginative ways that deliver positive results to their businesses. A great example is Tom Dickson from Blendtec, who has created the “will it blend” series of videos on YouTube. Take a look at his YouTube channel and you will see how their Facebook page has attracted more than 78,000 fans (and potential customers!)  

Reason 4. You can use video on your website to connect live with your audience and turn it into a live event broadcast platform. For larger organisations creating Virtual Events and Webinars and Live Streaming them over the internet, you can connect directly with a global audience for a very modest amount of money. By removing the need for international flights and hotel accommodation you could afford to engage with more people in your organisation using video than any traditional methods.

Reason 5. Videos are a really good way of keeping your organisation “ahead of the game”. Producing regular videos will encourage your firm to become more involved in Social Media and increase your customer engagement. Also, by working with a supplier who can make your videos visible on devices such as iPads, you will expand your potential audience way beyond your competitors. Currently most websites don’t use video yet – within 10 years, everyone will, so why not get yourself involved now?

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