Since its launch in 2005 YouTube’s growth has been phenomenal, and it is now the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google (who happens to own the site!). The site receives over 3 billion views per day and over 48 hours of new content is added every minute!

It is hardly surprising then that people are spending more and more time on the site as the range of videos, topics and blogs is mind-blowing. The downside of all this new content is that we often have to spend a lot of time filtering through videos to find what we are really looking for which can be annoying if you have limited time on your hands (during an extended lunch break at work for example…)


I am going to share with you three different YouTube search options that you may not be familiar with that will hopefully help you search for, and view, new video content on YouTube.

1.       The YouTube Charts

The YouTube Charts does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to find the most popular videos for a range of criteria across all the different video categories for different time frames. It is a really useful way of finding content and I think the best search option is to select the most subscribed videos for video bloggers for all time. This search provides you with a list of the most popular video bloggers on YouTube and allows you to sample different videos of new video bloggers you may not have seen before. This all makes a lot more sense when you begin playing with this feature so I recommend you do so by using this link!

2.       YouTube Leanback

The YouTube Leanback feature provides you with another new way to interact with the site. I really like the way this feature recommends videos to you depending on what you have watched and subscribed to in the past. It is ideal if you are looking to browse your favourite subjects and are happy to be fed with content you know you have an interest in. I think that is where the “Leanback” name comes from as you literally sit there and videos are just presented to you! The “discover” section of the Leanback feature is another really good way to find new and interesting content you may not have come across otherwise. You can take a look at this feature using this link:

3.       YouTube Disco

I have saved my favourite feature to last and it is called “Disco”. As many of my friends are happy to point out, my taste in music is often described as “questionable” at best and is rarely linked to what is currently going on in the charts! Music videos are among some of the highest viewed videos on YouTube and this feature is a brilliant way of finding and listening to specific artists or tracks. All you need to do is type in the name of the band or artist you are interested in and you will be presented with a massive list of different videos that feature them. It doesn’t just feature artists currently in the chart, it also gives great results for some obscure 70’s & 80’s bands as well….apparently. You can try it for yourself using this link:

I hope these links will help you find more great content on YouTube. If you have any recommendations of other areas of the site that can aid the search of video content please do post it as a comment below or on our Facebook page!

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Simon Malone