We have been developing our Presentation Videos product over the last few months and have come up with more creative ways of converting PowerPoint Presentations into videos that can be shared with people all over the world.

Increasing financial and environmental pressures are restricting travel which is making it hard for people to present their ideas live to a wider audience. We wanted to create an easy to use process that allows people to visit our studio, combine their presentation with their slides and leave us with a video which they can share with their audience.

We have been experimenting using the online presentation programme, Prezi, and the latest transitions in PowerPoint 2010, and have continued to improve the quality of the output.

Using our secure streaming sites we can stream presentations live to a global audience and allow the presenter to answer any questions from their audience in a live Q&A session that can be streamed to their viewers via the internet.

We are all pretty excited about this product here at VirtualStudio.TV and have made a video showing exactly how this product works and the benefits it can provide.

We have an open door policy here at VirtualStudio.TV so if you would like to find out more about what we do, or talk to us about making a Presentation Video, then please give us a call today on 01223 520968 – it would be great to hear from you!

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Simon Malone