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  • The NEC in Birmingham hosted this year’s Big Bang Fair, a 3 day long celebration of science and engineering aimed at young people in the UK.

    The VirtualStudio.TV crew spent 2 days with our sister company YellowSpanner, filming at the event.

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  • The VirtualStudio.TV team headed over to Germany this week, to shoot a video for Thermo Fisher at their Bremen factory.

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  • Sharde Ahyaee

    January 2014 Video Newsletter

    3rd February 2014 by Sharde Ahyaee 2 comments

    Welcome to our first video newsletter of 2014!

    We were a little emotional to leave our old studio this month – but very excited to move to our new one! Squeezing in building work around Mobile Studio jobs, including a project for new client Illumina, was certainly tricky, but more than worth it in the end!

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  • We're absolutely delighted to welcome Peter Wilson to the VirtualStudio.TV team!

    Peter has six years’ experience in live television with four of those as Studio Director & Vision Mixer for Ideal Shopping Direct, where he relayed direction to TV presenters and crew, all whilst in control of a live vision mixing desk. He's acquired approximately 5,000 hours experience in a live gallery environment across a variety of programmes.

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  • A couple of years ago we created a short YouTube video, detailing our top 10 tips for great presenting and public speaking. We’ve had such an amazing response to this video that we have decided to produce a whole new series of ‘Top Tips’ videos!

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  • VirtualStudio.TV is based in Cambridge simply because that's where all the Directors live.

    Originally it was our goal to set-up another small studio in London, but we quickly realised what our clients really wanted was the ability to create high quality, low cost videos in the comfort of their own offices.

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  • Last month I was part of a team that travelled to Malawi to film a documentary for Microsoft . We were filming in some very remote villages on the outskirts on Blantyre and for the first couple of days we let the Panasonic AF101 just roam capturing some amazing B Roll footage. We got come great shots of the kids and the stunning views of the surrounding area. Our evenings back in the compound were always taken up reviewing the footage and being blown away with the beautiful depth of field and focus pulls that the camera was capturing.

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  • Following the launch of YouTube in 2005 there has been an explosion in the growth of web videos around the world and in the next 24 hours more than 3 billion videos will be watched on that site alone!

    We love producing Internet Videos andVirtual Events for our clients and really enjoy working in an industry where there is such a huge range of companies offering different creative video solutions for people all over the world.

    There are thousands of different uses for online video but I have listed below my 5 reasons why you need to have videos on your website.

    1. You want to communicate a lot of information in a few seconds; what your products, or services look like and the kind of people you are. All of this can be done in a punchy 60 second video clip, rather than more than 200 words of text. Due to the huge increase in email traffic and squeeze on available time in recent years, people today and in the future are far more likely to take the time to view a video than read a page of text...

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  • Recently I found myself working on a new project in Reading. A trip to Silicone Valley (which is what Reading is), staying at the Premier Inn Central for 6 nights. (I don’t mind staying in Premier Inns at all, but after a couple of nights it gets deathly boring. Plus, I always get confused as they all look identical and I continually wake up wondering where the hell I am.)

    So late one Sunday night off I go to Reading and the Premier Inn Central. I’m expecting absolutely nothing as I’ve learnt that this way I won’t be disappointed. I arrive at the gate to the Car Park and there is nowhere to park, it’s rammed. I’ve got expensive kit in the car so I can’t just park in the street. I press the little intercom button at the barrier gate and am shocked when I hear, ‘hello, how can I help you’ ? I explain that there is nowhere to park and before I ask if there’re is an alternative car park the voice politely asks me to wait. Seconds later a man is once again welcoming me to the hotel and explaining that he’s about to move one of the chefs cars so I’ll have a space. I’m confused and very shocked.

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  • We run Leadership Communication Workshops all over the world, and last week, delegates attending our Workshop in Seattle from one of the world’s biggest IT companies told me that they are routinely producing short videos for internal communication bulletins, training programmes and marketing case studies. The scale of their video production is jaw dropping. Five years ago external production companies were producing 5 videos a year for them, today they are producing 5 videos a day for themselves!

    The big question is why has this growth been so explosive and is it set to continue? The answers are threefold:-

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