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  • Rachel Willis

    VirtualStudio.TV Appoints Peter Wilson As Videographer

    15th January 2014 by Rachel Willis

    We're absolutely delighted to welcome Peter Wilson to the VirtualStudio.TV team!

    Peter has six years’ experience in live television with four of those as Studio Director & Vision Mixer for Ideal Shopping Direct, where he relayed direction to TV presenters and crew, all whilst in control of a live vision mixing desk. He's acquired approximately 5,000 hours experience in a live gallery environment across a variety of programmes.

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  • Jamie Huckle

    What Is Live Video Streaming?

    28th March 2013 by Jamie Huckle

    Spend a few minutes online reading up on internet streaming, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a dark art. Like anything that relies on constantly evolving technology, the behind-the-scenes stuff is relatively complex.

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  • I think we are in a similar position to many organisations. I know that going through our website and spending time optimising each page is something I should do, but finding the time to do it properly is a real challenge. We have been busy working on virtual events, altering our product offering and planning an official launch night for the business so finding time to complete this project has been pretty difficult. That said, our website is our main selling tool and point of contact for our clients and last week having spent a month looking at the “DO SEO!!!” scribble on my white board, I decided to bin the excuses and actually do something about it.

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  • In the studio the lights were very easy to set up and once switched on they produced a very white clean light. This actually created our first obstacle as the light was ultimately too white! The Datavision LED-600’s do come with several different coloured gels to subtly alter the colour of the light output. Once we added one of these and did a little tweaking on the cameras white balance, all was good in the world.

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