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  • VirtualStudio.TV is based in Cambridge simply because that's where all the Directors live.

    Originally it was our goal to set-up another small studio in London, but we quickly realised what our clients really wanted was the ability to create high quality, low cost videos in the comfort of their own offices.

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  • Jamie Huckle

    What Is Live Video Streaming?

    28th March 2013 by Jamie Huckle

    Spend a few minutes online reading up on internet streaming, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a dark art. Like anything that relies on constantly evolving technology, the behind-the-scenes stuff is relatively complex.

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  • I have to admit that I am not the first to embrace the arrival of Christmas….in October. Having Christmas lights, festive store fronts and TV ads promoting the annual retail blitz running for 8 or 9 weeks before the big day is one of my pet hates! That said, at the time of writing we are hours away from December 1st when all bets are off and the run up to Christmas can really get started.

    We are offering a Christmas package this year for businesses to help you get in the mood for the big day. Instead of sending cards or plain emails, why not send a short video message to your staff, customers and suppliers?

    You can bring your team along to the studio, tuck into a few mince pies, have a glass of mulled wine and leave with a completed video in just one hour.

    We have a range of festive virtual studios for you to choose from, and even a Santa outfit for you to use if needed!

    Take a look at the video in this post as an example and then give us a call to book your studio time with us.

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  • As soon as we launched VirtualStudio.TV Jamie began working with our Technical Advisor to try to break down these barriers and create an easy to use and managable video streaming platform. We were fed up of dealing with confusing jargon and crazy prices and set about producing a video hosting platform that companies could use to share their videos with a global audience. YouTube is a brilliant way of sharing videos with people all over the world, but a lot of our customers were looking for ways to showcase their videos on their own branded site in more a secure way...

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  • We have been developing our Presentation Videos product over the last few months and have come up with more creative ways of converting PowerPoint Presentations into videos that can be shared with people all over the world.

    Increasing financial and environmental pressures are restricting travel which is making it hard for people to present their ideas live to a wider audience. We wanted to create an easy to use process that allows people to visit our studio, combine their presentation with their slides and leave us with a video which they can share with their audience.

    We have been experimenting using the online presentation programme, Prezi, and the latest transitions in PowerPoint 2010, and have continued to improve the quality of the output.

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  • When we meet up and talk to people about VirtualStudio.TV they often ask us exactly how our technology works. The good news is that althought it might look quite complicated, it's really very simple, especially when you see it live!

    So to give you an idea of what VirtualStudio.TV is like and how we make our videos, we've created the below video to show you the cool production technology we get to use every day.

    We have an open door policy at the studio so if you're in the Cambridge area or passing through and fancy a look around, please just give us a call and we will be very happy to show you the studio.

    Alternatively, if this video prompts any questions, please do give us a call on 01223 520968, we'd love to hear from you!

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  • Over the last year we have made a number of product developments at VirtualStudio.TV and I am very pleased to be able to announce the launch of our brand new “Presentation Videos” offering. Over the last 25 years I have suffered, as I am sure you have too, from many bouts of “death by PowerPoint”. You know exactly the type of presentations I mean - full of text, hard to read and almost impossible to understand!

    Our new product allows people to combine their speech and presentation into one easy to view and understand video that can be shared with a global audience via the internet.

    The ingredients needed to create Video PowerPoint are simple. We shoot a presenter in front of a green screen, add some PowerPoint and then mix the ingredients together to create a compelling video, which you can stream to the web, email as a WMV file, or add to your website as a Flash or Silverlight video.

    To give you a feeling of what the finished product looks like, we made a video of Rachel explaining this on our website in this video...

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  • Rachel Willis

    Create Your Video CV With VirtualStudio.TV

    2nd December 2010 by Rachel Willis

    Recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for the same position, so it’s hard to make your CV stand out from the crowd. It’s also almost impossible to accurately portray your personality.

    Boost your chance of being noticed and bring your CV to life by creating a video CV!

    A VirtualStudio.TV video CV looks extremely professional and gives potential employers or decision makers an insight into your personality, interests, goals, and characteristics which are all important in choosing the right candidate.

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  • Rachel Willis

    Your Training Budget Can Save You Money!

    20th July 2010 by Rachel Willis

    Everyone’s being affected by budget cuts and the emphasis on saving money isn’t going to go away any time soon.

    In the communications industry events are continuously being cancelled and subsequently fewer employees are now getting the chance to meet each other, share ideas, gain understanding and network face to face.

    For most companies on an economy drive the communication budget is the first to go, and let’s face it when you think about the cost of events, video production and internal campaigns you can see why!

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