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  • Jamie Huckle

    What Is Live Video Streaming?

    28th March 2013 by Jamie Huckle

    Spend a few minutes online reading up on internet streaming, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a dark art. Like anything that relies on constantly evolving technology, the behind-the-scenes stuff is relatively complex.

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  • With the new and improved iPad 2 released in March of this year, as of June 2011, 28.73 million units have been sold. With these quite extraordinary facts and figures, and taking into account that Apple has sold more than any other PC related tablet products, it is difficult to imagine that any other company could compete with Apple and the iPad in the tablet market…until this week when Amazon unveiled the new Kindle Fire.

    After Amazon’s success with the Kindle in the e-reader market, they clearly see a potential to transfer their Kindle users to more advanced tablet products which will give them a more colourful way of reading books, listening to music and watching movies. Amazon aren’t just planning to release one new model, they intend to release four new models with one version with 3G connectivity. These include the Kindle Classic, Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G and the Kindle Fire...

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  • We like Reflecmedia’s solution as it requires very little additional lighting and we have achieved some great results when we have combined it with other technologies to create our VirtualStudio.TV videos. When you visit our studio you will see our huge 20ft Reflecmedia screen and floor tiles that we use every day.

    We are very happy with our permanent green screen set up in our studio. However, more and more clients were asking for a mobile solution that we could take to their offices. We recently invested in a smaller 7ft “pop-up” Reflecmedia screen and one 5ft floor tile. This system is extremely portable (carried by one person in a bag) and very easy to set-up and use. We have taken this solution all over the country and it takes minutes to have it up and running.

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  • In the studio the lights were very easy to set up and once switched on they produced a very white clean light. This actually created our first obstacle as the light was ultimately too white! The Datavision LED-600’s do come with several different coloured gels to subtly alter the colour of the light output. Once we added one of these and did a little tweaking on the cameras white balance, all was good in the world.

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  • Simon Malone

    What is Chroma Keying and How Do Green Screens Work?

    20th August 2010 by Simon Malone

    A few months ago I was explaining the concept of VirtualStudio.TV to a prospective client when I was taken off guard by a very good question. “What is Chroma Keying and how do green screens work?”

    Not having had the benefit of a background in video production before launching VirtualStudio.TV, I have had a lot to learn in the past year. There is a huge range of very technical information to take in, and the constant developments in the industry... I could go on with lame excuses, but rather than reproduce the half baked response I provided a few months ago, I will instead try to deliver a more detailed answer to this very good question.

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