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  • Clients and visitors to our studio in Cambridge often ask us for advice on what to wear for both green screen and ordinary video shoots. It’s really important that you’re dressed appropriately for appearing on camera, as this can potentially make or break your video.

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  • PowerPoint is great for a whole range of presentation needs, and most businesses would be lost without it! But it can be easy to overlook the basics that can make or break your presentation, such as how to change the aspect ratio or size of you slides.

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  • It can be frustrating when your mouse pointer won’t disappear during your PowerPoint presentation. The last thing you need is for your audience to be distracted by the pointer moving all over the screen, while you’re trying to hold their attention!

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  • Whether you’re writing a script for your next video, your company’s annual conference or even a speech for your best friend’s wedding, these handy tips will help you get your message across with panache.

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  • A couple of years ago we created a short YouTube video, detailing our top 10 tips for great presenting and public speaking. We’ve had such an amazing response to this video that we have decided to produce a whole new series of ‘Top Tips’ videos!

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  • Whether you’re presenting to a camera crew or your laptop webcam, a small seminar or a packed auditorium, great presenter skills are the key to engaging, convincing and inspiring your audience.

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  • In my first role as an Account Executive I was taught one great skill by the MD at the time; the art of a good handshake.

    I was asked to be part of a pitch team (I was asked to carry the bags actually, but you have to start somewhere!) As part of the team I would have to shake hands with the potential new client that we were pitching to. With the panic of dropping the bags and sitting on the edge of proceedings like a mute lemon, I thought the hand shake was the least of my worries – wrong!

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  • Following the launch of YouTube in 2005 there has been an explosion in the growth of web videos around the world and in the next 24 hours more than 3 billion videos will be watched on that site alone!

    We love producing Internet Videos andVirtual Events for our clients and really enjoy working in an industry where there is such a huge range of companies offering different creative video solutions for people all over the world.

    There are thousands of different uses for online video but I have listed below my 5 reasons why you need to have videos on your website.

    1. You want to communicate a lot of information in a few seconds; what your products, or services look like and the kind of people you are. All of this can be done in a punchy 60 second video clip, rather than more than 200 words of text. Due to the huge increase in email traffic and squeeze on available time in recent years, people today and in the future are far more likely to take the time to view a video than read a page of text...

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  • If you regularly film and produce videos in Africa then you probably won’t need to read this post as you will know the following information already. However, if you are about to begin filming a video project in Africa for the first time, you might want to read my top ten tips to help you plan and prepare.

    I have worked on a number of projects in Africa - in Malawi and Madagascar and have always enjoyed my trips to the continent. Filming projects in Africa is very different to what I am used to in the UK and I have picked up a few tips and tricks I would like to share with you.

    1. Don’t do it. The chances are that you will be working for an NGO, or a charity, which means that money and budgets will be tight. In many cases it will be cheaper and more cost effective for you to employ another agency based in Africa to film content for you that you then edit at a later stage (although this option could also open up another box of potential problems further down the line!). However, if you can afford to work for very little, it could well be the best experience of your life!

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  • I think the most important thing to say right from the outset is that you should not dismiss using a script in the first place. I know there is some debate about the pros and cons of scripting speeches, but the fact is that the best speeches that have ever been made were almost certainly influenced by a script writing process. The world’s most famous orators made their speeches brilliant not because they didn’t use a script, but because they learnt it in advance!

    Writing a script isn’t easy and those who say it is are lying! Some say that it’s better to speak off the cuff because this way you’ll appear more ‘natural’. It’s true that a badly delivered presentation where someone’s reading directly from a piece of paper with their head held down is excruciating from an audience perspective, however, this is the fault of the speaker and not the script. If you decide to use a script, the important thing is to learn it!

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