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  • The NEC in Birmingham hosted this year’s Big Bang Fair, a 3 day long celebration of science and engineering aimed at young people in the UK.

    The VirtualStudio.TV crew spent 2 days with our sister company YellowSpanner, filming at the event.

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  • The VirtualStudio.TV team headed over to Germany this week, to shoot a video for Thermo Fisher at their Bremen factory.

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  • Sharde Ahyaee

    January 2014 Video Newsletter

    3rd February 2014 by Sharde Ahyaee

    Welcome to our first video newsletter of 2014!

    We were a little emotional to leave our old studio this month – but very excited to move to our new one! Squeezing in building work around Mobile Studio jobs, including a project for new client Illumina, was certainly tricky, but more than worth it in the end!

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  • Rachel Willis

    VirtualStudio.TV Appoints Peter Wilson As Videographer

    15th January 2014 by Rachel Willis

    We're absolutely delighted to welcome Peter Wilson to the VirtualStudio.TV team!

    Peter has six years’ experience in live television with four of those as Studio Director & Vision Mixer for Ideal Shopping Direct, where he relayed direction to TV presenters and crew, all whilst in control of a live vision mixing desk. He's acquired approximately 5,000 hours experience in a live gallery environment across a variety of programmes.

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  • A couple of years ago we created a short YouTube video, detailing our top 10 tips for great presenting and public speaking. We’ve had such an amazing response to this video that we have decided to produce a whole new series of ‘Top Tips’ videos!

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  • Sharde Ahyaee

    How Video Can Improve The Recruitment Process

    25th July 2013 by Sharde Ahyaee

    Today’s job market is cut-throat to say the least. As a recruiter, you need to ensure that you attract the very best candidates to your organisation and, as a job seeker, you need to be able to showcase your skills and ability in a market where the number of qualified candidates usually outweighs the number of available jobs!

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  • VirtualStudio.TV is based in Cambridge simply because that's where all the Directors live.

    Originally it was our goal to set-up another small studio in London, but we quickly realised what our clients really wanted was the ability to create high quality, low cost videos in the comfort of their own offices.

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  • Lindsey Kennedy

    From Plato to Portal: 3000 Years of Virtual Reality

    6th September 2012 by Lindsey Kennedy

    Ask most people what they think of when you say ‘virtual reality’ and you are likely to get one of two answers: video games or The Matrix. In fact, virtual reality technology is extraordinarily far reaching, playing a major role in providing training to sectors such as healthcare and the military, and providing incredibly diverse uses in everything from architecture to finance.

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  • People visiting our green screen studio in Cambridge to make their videos often ask me what to wear before they arrive. It is a very good question to ask because there are a few clothing items and choices that do not mix very well with videos created using a green screen studio.

    When someone stands in front of our green screen we magically (it’s not really magic!) take out all of the green from the image, and replace it with one of our virtual studios. The reason the screen is green (or sometimes blue) is simply because it’s not a colour found in the pigment of our skin. As a result when you remove this colour you will always be left with a person in the shot which is a good start to making a video. If you do wear anything green, part of you will become invisible which isn’t such a good look!

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  • Jamie Huckle

    5 Reasons Why Stock Video Footage Is Great!

    5th January 2012 by Jamie Huckle

    Now some puritans among you will argue that stock footage cheapens video production and should be avoided at all artistic costs. I’d argue that stock footage is so good now that it can only make a production richer, more creative and ultimately, your client happier. Stock footage of course does have to be used sympathetically and blended into a final production piece to be effective – there is no need for space travel in the CEO’s annual video report...

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