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  • Whether you’re writing a script for your next video, your company’s annual conference or even a speech for your best friend’s wedding, these handy tips will help you get your message across with panache.

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  • A couple of years ago we created a short YouTube video, detailing our top 10 tips for great presenting and public speaking. We’ve had such an amazing response to this video that we have decided to produce a whole new series of ‘Top Tips’ videos!

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  • YouTube has recently made a number of significant updates that I think will really benefit everyone who uses the site. It is currently rolling out a totally new design that features a complete overhaul of channel layouts to make the site more user friendly. Perhaps more significantly, it has also recently developed and released new online video editing tools that users can use to make changes to the videos you have uploaded to the site. The “YouTube Online Video Editor Tools” offer users a wide range of editing tools that are normally only found in video editing software.

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  • It is hardly surprising then that people are spending more and more time on YouTube as the range of videos, topics and blogs are mind-blowing. The downside of all this new content is that we often have to spend a lot of time filtering through videos to find what we are really looking for which can be annoying if you have limited time on your hands (during an extended lunch break at work for example…)

    I am going to share with you three different areas of the site that you may not be familiar with that will hopefully help you search for, and view, new video content on YouTube.

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  • This post is all about changing the start times of your YouTube videos. It is possible to adjust the position at which YouTube videos start and finish by altering their URL and embed codes. With the explosion in the use of the web video viewers are becoming more selective about what they watch and how long they will view it for. It is more important than ever with video to get straight into key messages and points if you are to hold your audience’s attention. If a key point that is relevant to the person you are sharing the video with comes in at around 3 minutes into the video, it is far from guaranteed they will watch the previous 2:59 to get there!

    Altering the start time of a YouTube video can be useful for a wide range of reasons and the good news is that it is easily done by changing the odd link and a few lines of simple code. I know just the mention of the word “code” might be enough to make you quit this page, but please stay with me! I will do my best to make these tips really easy to follow and implement, and if you do have any trouble with them, just give me a call and I will happily talk you through them.

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  • I am a massive fan of YouTube and believe that it can be a real asset to businesses and individuals looking to raise awareness of their brand or organisation. I have collected 3 YouTube tips that anyone who has videos on YouTube, or is thinking of producing internet videos can use to their benefit. Wherever possible I have produced links to walkthrough videos to help explain each point and make it easier to implement each tip on your YouTube page. Some of the following you may know about already, and others may be new to you, but I hope you find them helpful.

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  • The good news is that technology has come a very long way since the 1980’s. The electronic items, computing devices and communication options available to us today are light years ahead of what was available in the 80’s. Having watched the film I looked on YouTube to see some of the technology available in the 80’s and the adverts that promoted them. There are some gems out there and below are my 5 favourites

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