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  • Simon Malone

    The Benefits Of Using Twitter Lists

    10th January 2011 by Simon Malone 15 comments

    I had been aware that Twitter lists could be used to categorise different people but had been reluctant to create a range of following lists due to the time it would take and the fact I was unsure if it would be worthwhile. However, the level of frustration grew to a level last week where I decided to bite the bullet, grab a coffee and get cracking!

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  • Simon Malone

    How to Post Videos On Twitter

    27th October 2010 by Simon Malone 1454 comments

    Online video that is more accessible to subscribers on Twitter and other content sharing sites will open all sorts of communication opportunities to organisations across the globe. It will enable them to connect with people in a faster and more targeted way than ever before. For example, instead of putting text on a website explaining the yearly results, the CEO could film his/her reaction and share it instantly with their followers on Twitter. Or, following a major incident affecting its passengers, airlines could release a video update on Twitter for passengers to view on their smart phones rather than them having to wait to hear information from someone in the Airport. The opportunity for the use of video for communication really is endless.

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