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  • With the Euro still struggling to stay afloat and proposed financial ‘cut back’ policies coming left, right and centre from our coalition government, I am sure in one way or another we are all starting to feel the pinch and backlash of the way our economy is suffering.

    I’m certainly not one to pretend that I fully understand everything that happens in our political world. I will admit to the naivety that I have when it comes to looking in depth at the problems we’re currently experiencing and actually how serious a problem this may be for our future.

    I class myself as part of the younger generation and after reading an article in the Independent today, I would certainly class myself as one of the lucky ones.

    Statistics have been released recently that show that unemployment in the UK is at its highest level for 17 years. The numbers currently claiming jobseeker’s allowance has increased for the seventh month in a row to 1.6 million people. Out of that figure, 991,000 of those claiming are the younger generation (16-24 year olds) who are currently out of work.

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  • With the new and improved iPad 2 released in March of this year, as of June 2011, 28.73 million units have been sold. With these quite extraordinary facts and figures, and taking into account that Apple has sold more than any other PC related tablet products, it is difficult to imagine that any other company could compete with Apple and the iPad in the tablet market…until this week when Amazon unveiled the new Kindle Fire.

    After Amazon’s success with the Kindle in the e-reader market, they clearly see a potential to transfer their Kindle users to more advanced tablet products which will give them a more colourful way of reading books, listening to music and watching movies. Amazon aren’t just planning to release one new model, they intend to release four new models with one version with 3G connectivity. These include the Kindle Classic, Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G and the Kindle Fire...

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