We are proud of our culture and values at VirtualStudio.TV and want to share them with you

It might sound cheesy, but as a company, our values really do shape the way we work.

Mostly, it comes down to one very simple thing: being nice. We don’t believe in talking down to people. We don’t believe in bamboozling clients with meaningless technical jargon. And we absolutely don’t believe in bullying the runner because they brought you the wrong shade of coffee.

We like to think that working with VirtualStudio.TV is a pleasant, productive and drama-free experience. To give you an idea of what to expect from us, we’ve summed up our values here: 

We believe in…

·  Being friendly. We don’t do smug and condescending. We do like making people feel at ease, helping clients to get the best out of our technology, and the great feeling of knowing those we work with have genuinely enjoyed their time with us.

·  Listening to people. We think that the most irritating thing you can do as a video company is to ignore what your client wants - and make the video you feel like making instead. If you come to us to make a company video bulletin, you can rest assured that we’ll make you a great company video bulletin. You won’t end up with an Oscar-nominated experimental short film that fails to say anything you were actually hoping to say.

·  Being honest and upfront. If we’re ever concerned that something won’t work or won’t look the way you imagine it to, we’ll raise this with you before we start filming. We also try to keep our pricing structure and quotes as straightforward as possible and, if things change midway through a project, we’ll always consult you before adding costs. There should never be any nasty shocks when the invoice arrives!

·  Keeping it simple, doing it well. Our aim is to help you find the clearest, most concise, most effective way of saying exactly what you want to say. Followed by the best, most effective and stress-free way of reaching the people you want to reach.

We don’t believe in…

·  Letting people down. If we say we can do something, we pull out all the stops to make it happen. Equally, if for any reason we think our technology or approach isn’t quite right for the project you have in mind, we’ll be honest and tell you this right from the start - and can often recommend another company or freelancer who may be able to help instead.

·  Overcharging. We’re a small team, we work hard and we do (just about) everything in-house. We’re also not big on champagne lunches and fancy foyers. All of this means we can offer realistic rates and transparent pricing structures that never try to pull the wool over your eyes.

·  Pushy sales. We hate pressure selling. As far as we’re concerned, it destroys trust and credibility and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. We’ll never try to cajole you into a more expensive option that you don’t want and don’t need. It just isn’t how we work.

·  Industry jargon. We think we should be able to explain what we do in straightforward terms, and we’ll make every effort to give you all the information you need without bombarding you with technical details you don’t (unless, of course, you want to talk tech, in which case we’re just as happy to do so!).

·  Resting on our laurels. We don’t do dull and predictable. We constantly look for new ways to push our technology, trying out different uses, styles and innovations. And we’re far from precious about anything we do – if you’ve got a great idea that we haven’t tried before, we’d love to help you bring it to life!

·  Inflated egos, snooty receptionists, pretentious luvvies … Need we say more?

If we sound like the sort of agency you would like to work with, please contact us today.